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Who Needs Recovery? (everybody!)

& Who might benefit the most?

    *   Military PTSD; First Responders; EMS; Police

  • Substance abusers with history of failed short-term rehabs

  • Porn Addicts; Men who've trashed their marriages

  • Survivors of long-term emotional/physical/sexual abuse (PTSD)

  • Christians who realize they are bound by persistent sin & failure 

So, the shoe fits....What's next??? 

Pray about your decision. Get used to praying.

Read the handbook thoroughly. Know what you're letting               yourself in for.​

Wean yourself off tobacco if needed. NHMRC is tobacco-               free.      

Lastly, prepare and submit an application.,

  A simple 1-page one (no fee) can provisionally qualify you.              This is available to download elsewhere on website.



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