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Volunteers play an essential role in providing extraordinary value at a bare-bones cost for our students. At the same time, however, we need to provide the greatest possible level of safety.  All volunteers must be willing to undergo a complete background check, and submit verifiable references.  Drivers must have a current, valid license and be acceptable to our insurance carrier. No smoking is permitted on the grounds or in any of our vehicles.  Full and part-time volunteers are needed.  If you are retired or otherwise enabled to serve in a voluntary capacity, pray about how the Lord might use you.  Since anyone serving in any capacity becomes a role model for students, it is expected that your speech and conduct at all times is Christ-honoring.  To begin the process, send an e-mail with brief information as to your interests, skills, and availabilities to

Some part-time possibilities: Grant writer, Shuttle driver, relief Receptionist, Vocational Instructor, Building Maintenance, Overnight Security, etc.

Internships are available for those who are pursuing a course of study relating to recovery in all of its aspects, not just drugs and alcohol.  And our program is not simply a "religious" or 'spiritual" one, but a transformational one, involving a deep, personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  Bible study, church and chapel attendance, and an understanding of our security in Him from a conservative evangelical position are all incorporated.  All standards expected of volunteers, as outlined in the previous section, obviously are applicable to interns as well.  A commitment of several months is necessary.  For further information on a possible internship, send a brief resume' to  Include school(s) attended and course of study.

Volunteers and Interns

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