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Admission Fee (non-refundable) $600.00 - (In
  addition to 1st month due on arrival.)
If you have available resources such as SSI, DSS, food stamps, info will be furnished as to assigning benefits, if necessary.
Private pay: $600.00 per month student fee.
** We cannot accept insurances of any kind **
But don't let a lack of funds keep you from applying. We'll work with you.
All students will be limited as to how much spending money they may carry. So there'll be no "rich kids".
In most cases, some outside employment will be eventually arranged for long-term students, and an amount will be agreed upon from those wages to be applied towards program expenses.


lodging, food, housewares, bedding, household cleaning supplies, transportation, telephone access, computer access (when permitted), core course materials, laundry access.

Does not include;  student responsible for:

Student responsible for their own health insurance, medical, dental, eye care, OTC medications, gifts, postage, laundry supplies, personal travel or vacation expenses, toiletries, court fees, probation fees, child support, reparations or restitutions.

Each room has its own private shower, sink,and toilet.

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